The Chilliwack Foundation is a living trust that enables citizens, either in their lifetime or through testamentary gifts, to create a fund or add to existing funds of the donor’s choice for the continuing benefit of the community.

About Us

Funds donated to the Foundation are generally held permanently and invested in income-producing assets overseen by the Foundation’s Investment Committee. The capital of these funds is left untouched, allowing donations to grow steadily over time.


The Chilliwack Foundation is a non-profit organization that has been a trustee of funds left in its care by public-spirited citizens in the Chilliwack area since its creation in 1985. All funds donated are held in trust and used to benefit organizations in the Chilliwack community.

Information for Advisors

Frequently, professionals are assisting clients with financial planning matters during the course of which they determine that the client wishes to give money to charity; on these occasions the Chilliwack Foundation could be chosen as a charity for the purposes of such donations.