Overview of the Chilliwack Foundation Scholarship Program

Each year, the Chilliwack Foundation provides several scholarships to secondary and post-secondary students in the Chilliwack area. The deadline for submitting scholarship applications to the Chilliwack Foundation is aligned with the deadline dates of the Chilliwack School District.

The Scholarship Committee of the Chilliwack Foundation meets to review all scholarship applications and select the students to receive the scholarships shortly after the application deadline each year.

All of the scholarships provided by the Chilliwack Foundation are paid out of the income generated on the following scholarship funds held in trust by the Chilliwack Foundation:

The Board of Directors appreciates support and welcomes all enquiries.

Letters and Grant Applications can be directed to:

Suite #1 -45780 Yale Road
Chilliwack, BC
V2P 2N4

Phone: (604) 792-1915

See the Board of Directors page for the e-mail addresses of all Board members.

F. Clifford Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund

Clifford Brown established the first scholarship fund with the Chilliwack Foundation. He was deeply committed to post secondary education and wanted to offer prestigious scholarships to graduating students in the Chilliwack area.

These scholarships are granted to top academic students with distinguished secondary school careers.

John and Joy Helders Awards

The Helders established this fund to provide annual awards to graduates pursuing post-secondary studies in Performing Arts programs.

Examples of Performing Arts would be: Music, Theatre, Musical Theatre, Opera, Dance, Circus, Mime, and Puppetry.

Frank George Memorial Award

Frank George left a bequest to the Foundation in order to establish funds in perpetuity that will provide bursaries to outstanding graduates pursuing post-secondary education.

Examples of Performing Arts would be: Music, Theatre, Musical Theatre, Opera, Dance, Circus, Mime, and Puppetry.

B.C. Summer Games Legacy Awards

The Board of Directors of the B.C. Summer Games, held in Chilliwack in 1993, established this scholarship fund at the conclusion of the games to honour graduating students who have given exceptional service to their community, maintained a high academic standing and demonstrated real leadership skills.

Don Urquhart McGillivray Memorial Award

Mrs. Beth Little left this bequest which is named in honour of her father. This scholarship is to be awarded to graduates to assist in the pursuit of a post-secondary education.

Luscombe/Von Bylburg Awards

Lori Luscombe and Kathleen Von Bylburg were chosen Miss Chilliwack and Miss Greenheart in 1984 to represent our community as goodwill ambassadors throughout the province.

En route to an event in the Okanagan, their airplane crashed and both young women were killed. The District of Chilliwack established this award fund to honour their memory and to reward graduating students with an exemplary history of community service and a good academic standing.

Dr. “Tony” Newby Memorial Scholarship

Note:  This scholarship is available to Sardis Secondary Students only

This fund was established in 1990 by Maxwell and Gail Newby, in memory of Chilliwack Dentist, Dr. “Tony” Newby, who passed away in 1985.

Each year the award is given to a male and a female graduating student of Sardis Secondary School with strong academic skills, leadership abilities and athletic participation.

Jack Williams Memorial Awards

Jack Williams, a prominent member of the Chilliwack business community, bequeathed funds to the Chilliwack Foundation in his will.

These awards are given to recognize graduating students with distinguished secondary school careers.

Bowes Education Awards

Edward Bowes, a prominent member of the Chilliwack business community, wished to remember the community in a meaningful way.

He bequeathed this fund for the provision of scholarships to assist in any type of educational endeavor, not to be limited to colleges or universities but also to extend to technical schools and other similar training institutions.


The Atchelitz Farmers Institute was established in 1913.

Like other Farmer’s Institutes of the day, members served to provide knowledge and support to other farmers, as well as to improve the general growth and development of their community.

Beyond Institute meetings, the historic Atchelitz Hall is a testament to the impact the Atchelitz Farmers Institute has had in Chilliwack, with countless events, celebrations, clubs, and concerts occurring within its walls. Copious sports teams have used the Hall’s surrounding grounds and continue to house the Ecole la Verendrye.

At one time, members of the Atchelitz Farmers Institute numbered 125, but with changing times and interests, the remaining seven members were unable to maintain the hall and grounds. Having gifted the Atchelitz Hall and property to the city in October 2021, all left was to gift the remaining funds held on deposit.

In January 2022, the Atchelitz Farmers Institute officially disbanded and donated $89,000.00 to the Chilliwack Foundation. $39,000.00 of this amount will be used to provide grants to Chilliwack Non-Profit Organizations.

$50,000.00 will be used to create the Atchelitz Farmers Institute Scholarship Fund which will provide two scholarships to graduating students from School District #33 and local Christian Schools pursuing post-secondary education in Agriculture or Horticulture.

It is only fitting that Atchelitz Farmers Institute Scholarships will serve to continue the history of the Institute and provide a legacy to future farmers in our community.

Dr. Anne Sussel Science Scholarship

In 1925, Dr. Anne (Ullman) Sussel, born May 7, 1900, was the first woman to graduate in medicine from the University of Freiberg, Germany. Despite encountering considerable gender discrimination, she graduated Summa cum Laude and went on to attain certification as a specialist in pediatrics and practiced in Mainz, Germany.

To escape Nazi persecution and restriction of practice, in 1937, with her husband and two children, she emigrated to Canada. In 2002, Dr. Anne Sussel died at the age of 101.

To encourage other young women to seek a career in the health sciences, her son, Dr. Walter Sussel, established this scholarship in her honour.

The Dr. Anne Sussel Science Scholarship was established with the Foundation by the Sussel family to provide two scholarships; one to Chilliwack Secondary School and one to Sardis Secondary School in Chilliwack.

At each of these schools, these awards go to the top female science student going on to a post-secondary degree in the health sciences. No application is necessary for this scholarship as recipients are chosen by their respective schools.

Dr. Carmen Kirkness Memorial Scholarship

This Scholarship was established by Bill and Stephanie Kirkness to honor their daughter Dr. Carmen Kirkness who passed away in April of 2017.

Born and raised in Chilliwack, Carmen loved and excelled at all sports. She was inducted into the Sardis Secondary School Hall of Fame and, in 1985, was named Chilliwack’s Athlete of the Year.

Following graduation in 1986, Carmen earned a B.Sc. from the University of Victoria where she was also a valued member of the University of Victoria Vikes, the Women’s Field Hockey Team which won the Jr. National Championship twice. She was also a member of the Canadian National Women’s Field Hockey Team and participated in many tournaments including the World Cup Field Hockey Games.

Following her time at UVIC, Carmen continued her education, earning a Physical Therapy degree from McMaster University, a MSc. from McGill University and a Ph.D. from the University of Utah in Rehabilitation Science with an emphasis in epidemiology.

Dr. Carmen Kirkness was employed at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria, as a Professor of Medicine and Assistant Director of the Centre for Outcomes Research.

Throughout her life, Carmen continued to participate in snow skiing, water skiing, swimming, golf, tennis, running, dirt biking and boating. It is only fitting that the recipient of this scholarship should be a like-minded female athlete.

This annual award of $2,000 will be presented to the top female athlete at Sardis Secondary School.

Chilliwack Crime Prevention Society

Long time Chilliwack resident Ms. Anna Hejja was a faithful supporter of the Chilliwack Crime Prevention Society.  Following her passing in 2021, $200,000 was bequeathed to the Chilliwack Crime Prevention Society.

In memory of Ms. Hejja, a scholarship was established by the Society to recognize graduating students from a Chilliwack Senior Secondary School who are permanent Chilliwack residents and wish to pursue a post-secondary education in Criminology, Crime Prevention, or related field.

Like so many community organizations, the programs overseen by the Chilliwack Crime Prevention Society could not exist without the commitment of volunteers. Preference will be given to students demonstrating current or past involvement, service, or volunteer work in the community.

Ms. Hejja’s generous bequest will establish funds in perpetuity that will provide scholarships to countless outstanding graduates.