Overview of Grant Program

The Chilliwack Foundation has two Grant application opportunities each year: one in the Spring and one in the Fall.

All Grant applications received by the application deadlines for the Spring and Fall Grant seasons are considered by the Distribution Committee. The Distribution Committee is a standing committee with delegated authority from the Board of Directors of the Chilliwack Foundation which has been established in accordance with the Bylaws of the Foundation. The funds available to the Distribution Committee for Grants represents the income on fund held by the Foundation that are not designated to a particular community organization or scholarship.

Each Grant season, the Committee approves Grants up to the maximum amount available for distribution for that Grant Season.

The Foundation’s Distribution Committee meets after receiving the Grant applications in order to decide which Grants will be approved for that Grant season.

Awards are not made to individuals but are directed to organizations registered as charities for tax purposes for administration.

The Chilliwack Foundation recognizes that for many community organizations the preparation of a Grant application may not be an easy task. In the interest of saving time, effort and possible disappointment, it is recommended that organizations contact the Chair or the Treasurer of the Chilliwack Foundation. For contact information, please see the Contact Page.

The application deadline for the Spring Grant is in late April and the application deadline for the Fall Grant season is in late October.  

Upcoming Grant Application Deadlines

The Grant application deadlines for upcoming Spring and Fall Grant Seasons are as follows:


April 29, 2024 
April 28, 2025
April 27, 2026


October 28, 2024
October 27, 2025
October 26, 2026

Recognition of Chilliwack Foundation for Grants Received

The Chilliwack Foundation relies entirely upon donations, gifts and legacies for its funds in order to carry out its role in the community. It is therefore requested that all organizations receiving Grants assist the Foundation by arranging for appropriate, supportive publicity acknowledging the Grant received from the Foundation.

If your organization’s Grant application is successful, we would ask that you recognize the support of the Chilliwack Foundation in one of the following ways:

  • A plaque, poster or other form of permanent recognition at your place of business.
  • Inclusion of a reference to the Chilliwack Foundation as a sponsor of your organization in your advertising.
  • Inclusion of a reference to the Chilliwack Foundation as a sponsor of your organization on your letterhead.
  • A letter to the Editor.
  • A News Release.
  • Any other form of recognition indicating that the Chilliwack Foundation is a sponsor of your organization.

We also ask that successful applicants provide the Foundation with receipts for all items purchased with Grant funds received from the Foundation, written confirmation of the completion of your organization’s project and pictures of the project once it has been completed, as applicable.

Tables of Approved Grant Applications

Examples of Grants approved by the Distribution Committee of the Chilliwack Foundation in the past are summarized in the following tables: