Information for Advisors

If you are a lawyer, notary, accountant, financial planner or other professional providing advice to clients in the Chilliwack area regarding estate planning, please consider suggesting the Chilliwack Foundation as a recipient for any charitable gifts that form part of your client’s estate plan.

Charitable giving can be an important part of an estate plan both from a tax perspective and also due to your client’s desire to benefit charitable organizations by gifts in their Wills or by other methods.

For information on why your client should consider giving to the Chilliwack Foundation as part of their estate plan, please see the ‘Why Should I Donate’ page.

Information on how your clients can donate to the Chilliwack Foundation can also be found on the ‘How to Donate’ page.

Donations made to the Chilliwack Foundation through your client’s estate planning will guarantee that your client’s funds are used to support charitable organizations in Chilliwack and the surrounding communities on an ongoing basis.

Should you have any questions regarding donations to the Chilliwack Foundation, please contact Peter Dombowsky.