Help Build a Chilliwack Legacy

Why should I donate to the Chilliwack Foundation?

There are many reasons to donate to the Chilliwack Foundation, including the following:

  1. We are a local organization which was created and is and always has been managed by local volunteers.
  2. We have no employees and very low overhead costs, which allows your donation to have the greatest impact possible on the Chilliwack community.
  3. We hold donated funds in trust in perpetuity and distribute only the income from those funds. As a result, donating funds to the Chilliwack Foundation adds to the permanent trust funds maintained by the Chilliwack Foundation, the income from which provides a lasting benefit to the Chilliwack Community by way of sustained annual funding to local charitable organizations.
  4. We view donors as community builders, working closely with them to align their philanthropic vision with the community’s needs.
  5. We identify long-term needs and opportunities and invest in solutions that meet the changing needs of the Chilliwack community.
  6. We take a broad and inclusive view of what benefits the general community and provide grants to a wide range of projects and initiatives, including arts and cultural projects, sports and recreational projects and projects that enhance the health and well-being of the community.
  1. We can accept a wide variety of assets and can work with donors to maximize the tax advantages of their donations.
  2. Donations can be designated to create permanent funds to benefit a particular scholarship or organization or undesignated. The income from undesignated funds is used to provide Grants for deserving local projects and initiatives through our
  3. Grant programme. We can multiply the impact of donated funds by pooling them with other donated funds and maximizing the return on the Foundation’s investments.
  4. We are transparent and reputable stewards of community resources, committed to being accountable, accessible and responsive.
  5. We build community vitality – the unique and essential spirit that flourishes when people believe their community holds possibilities for everyone.
  6. Because the donated funds are generally invested by the Foundation in assets that increase in value over time and the capital is left untouched, the funds usually grow steadily over time. Further, the Foundation’s Investment Committee has a strong record of disciplined and prudent management of the Foundation’s investments which has provided strong returns even in adverse market conditions.